Our Heritage

The times may change but true style and quality last forever. For over 45 years since founded in 1972, Cortina Watch has established itself as a brand synonymous with impeccable, high-quality timepieces, renowned amongst discerning individuals.

As we progress towards our next phase of growth, we remain focused on our mission of being a leading retailer and distributor of …..

Latest Announcements

12 MAR 2018
Disclosure of Interest/ Changes in Interest of Substantial Shareholder(s)/ Unitholder(s)::Notification of change of interest of substantial shareholder

21 JUL 2017
REPL::Annual General Meeting::Voluntary

06 JUL 2017
REPL::Cash Dividend/ Distribution::Mandatory

04 OCT 2016
Asset Acquisitions and Disposals::Acquisition of the remaining equity interest in Taiwan subsidiaries

21 JUL 2016
REPL::Annual General Meeting::Voluntary

04 JUL 2016
Cash Dividend/ Distribution::Mandatory